We love our planet and understand the importance of playing our part in reducing our carbon footprint.  Here are the things that we do.

  1. We work with manufacturers who share our values about sustainability and therefore make products that are sustainably sourced, well made and do their upmost to use environmentally friendly materials. We endeavour to work with suppliers as local to us as is possible.
  2. All our products are manufacture in the UK.
  3. We use sustainable packaging, and we also reuse any packaging that we can. Our prints and cards are packaged in cellos which are compostable.
  4. Our greeting cards are fully recyclable.
  5. We use the Giclee printing method for our art prints. This is safe for the environment as it uses water-based inks and archival paper which is acid-free. The quality is outstanding, and the colours will not fade for centuries.

We review all of our packaging and  products to ensure that they are as safe as possible for our planet.

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