Puffins – trainers -Art Print


We love our Puffin Art print. This design shows a puffin with a very unexpected catch. There are over 1 million puffins in the UK, but the population is predicted to nosedive by 90% in the next 30 years.

Puffin Facts: Puffins are known as ‘sea parrots’ due to their brightly coloured bills and are mainly found on rocky coasts and offshore islands.

Puffins dive into the water for their prey, usually within 30 meters of the water’s surface but they can dive up to 60 meters.

They have serrated bills so they can hold their fish in place. One puffin was recorded holding 83 small sand eels in its bill at once.


All our artwork is printed on high quality Giclee art paper which produces amazing colour depth and gives it a natural look and feel. It is both acid and lignin free. It has a delicate surface, so we recommend extra care when handling.

Our Fine art print designs include a border and fit into standard sized, shop bought frames.

Paper : 308gsm Giclee

Finish : Matt

Print Sizes :    Small (8 x 8)      Medium (12 x 12)     Large (20 x 20)  inches

Frame – Our contemporary black stained wood moulding has a grained finish.  22mm wide



We love our playful Puffins with trainers art print.


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