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Our Pangolin illustration show two pangolins passing the time of day at the beach. One is hanging from a vintage shower unit and the other is curled up on the base. The SOS highlights the fast declining numbers of these wonderful mammals, due to poaching.

All our artwork is printed on high quality Giclee art paper which produces amazing colour depth and gives it a natural look and feel. It is both acid and lignin free. It has a delicate surface, so we recommend extra care when handling.

Pangolin Facts: Pangolins are solitary animals mostly active at night.

They live in Asia and Africa, in many habitats including rainforests and grassland.

They have long snouts and even longer tongues, which they use to snack on termites. A pangolins sticky tongue is up to 28 inches long, sometimes as long as it’s body.

Its scales are made from Keratin, the same material as a human’s fingernails.

All Pangolins face declining populations because of illegal trade. Tens of thousands are poached for their scales every year and meat. Although there is no proven medicinal value the scales are used in traditional Chinese medicine.


Our PRINTS ONLY fit into standard size shop bought frames.

Our MOUNTED prints are available in all sizes up to and including  12 x 16 inches

Paper : 308gsm Giclee

Finish : Matt

Print Sizes :    8 x 10      12 x 16     18 x 24 inches

Frame – Our contemporary stained wood moulding has a grained black finish.  23mm wide




Our Pangolin Art Print come in 3 different sizes .

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